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погода коста бланка gj vtczwfv

Курортные города заполоняют толпы отдыхающих, они наслаждаются благодатным климатом и щедрой природой Испании. The weather is another key factor, and one of the things I most love about living here. Незабываемым будет отдых в июне-июле и на Канарских островах. Even at night, temperatures in this season are not likely to drop below lows of 17°C. In July and August, they don’t even fall below 20°C, which makes the evenings wonderfully pleasant. There are a many smaller, more traditional Spanish seaside towns spread along the coast. Sa Tuna in Costa Brava, Spain taken by Andrea Summer The summer season in the Costa Brava generally falls between June and September, when the region enjoys high temperatures and lots of sunshine.

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